Reward Policies

We are glad to reward every activity you make within our brand! That’s why Here2u established a Reward Program. Receive discounts on any of our products simply by purchasing in our store or reviewing Here2u solutions!

How to earn Reward Points

Earning Rewards is easy and it happens automatically. Follow these 3 simple steps to earn your first Points:

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Purchase

Step 3: Get Reward Points

Want to make more reward points?

Earning RulesReward Points
Customer Points400 Points
Order Rewards100 Points
First Review100 Points
Refer Reward200 Points
Product Review27 Points
Birthday Reward7000 Points
Facebook Share27 Points
Facebook Like27 Points
Twitter Share27 Points
Pinterest Pin27 Points
Inactive Customer700 Points

How to Spend reward points

Spending your Rewards is easy! Points can be spent on any product during checkout. All your points will automatically be converted to $:
100 Points = $1.